Secure Hotshot Services

Storage and Warehousing
Handling of Bonded & Domestic Spares
Customs Clearance of and Import/Exportation of goods.
Maintain a fleet of vehicles to handle any freight requirements.


Freight & Spares

We have partnered with leaders in Security & Protection for our clients to provide them with the highest level of service including:
Crewmember Safeguard

Stowaway Repatriation
Vessel security for COPT orders
(COPT = Captain of the Port Order)
Vessel Security for USMS seizures
(USMS = Unites States Marshal Service)

Maritime Security


Tiffin MTL provides transportation services to crewmembers, offshore/diving crew, Cruiseline employees & a variety of other members of the maritime community.  We travel to all ports along the Gulf Coast.  This may include crew members signing
on/off; detained crew transportation and transportation for medical purposes.  We are bonded, insured & fully licensed for crew repatriation and embarkations and to gain access to all public and private docks and ports along the U.S. Gulf Coast.

Crew Transportation


Tiffin MTL is a leader in the Maritime
Transportation Industry combining years of
experience handling the transportation needs
along the Gulf Coast for Crew, Freight/Spares
& various other vessel needs and
Tiffin MTL team members have extensive
experience in the maritime industry & our
expertise includes a strong background in
maritime operations and procedures. We
are committed to providing excellence in
safe and secure transport for your crew,
freight, and spares. In addition, we offer
24/7 dispatch so you are assured of
receiving superior service whenever you
need it. Our Team is dedicated to serving
your Maritime Transportation needs.


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